The Apple Mail app does not work with our email.

To put email on your iPhone, please follow the steps below.

Go to the Apple App Store.

Click in the search bar or if it isn't visible, click the Search button highlighted below.

Search for Microsoft Outlook.  Click the Get icon or the one pictured below.  You may have either one.

You may need to enter your Apple App Store Password (personal account) or it may start to download.

Wait for the app to download.

Find the Outlook App on your phone and open it.

Enter your Mutual Aid email address.

Click Add Account.

Enter your Email Password.

Click Sign in.

Get a code from your Multi-Factor Authentication.

Enter the code.

Tap Maybe Later.

Click Turn On to enable notifications.

Tap Allow to give Outlook permission to send you notifications.

If you see Focused on your email (circled below) go into the settings and turn it off.

Click the Circle with your initial in it.

Click the Settings Icon.

Scroll down to Focused Inbox and turn the toggle off.  It should be gray when off.

You can also click on Signature if you want to add an email signature here.